First visit

Dental treatment begins with a collection of patient’s medical and dental history, a dialogue to understand his desires from the therapy, followed by a detailed and comprehensive clinical examination of the mouth, and X-rays are necessary to make a proper diagnosis.

For cosmetic procedures, impressions may also be needed for diagnostic models and some pictures to analyze teeth, face and smile.

Only the evaluation of all these elements will allow the development of a rational treatment plan, based on the functional, aesthetic and economic needs of the patient. Before starting it’s important to discuss with the patient eventual alternative choices to find the effective and lasting solution of existing pathologies and/or prevention of future pathologies.

Active therapy phase

Scheduling appointments necessary to achieve the set and agreed upon goal, optimizing timelines.

Any drug therapies associated with the appointments are promptly reported and reminded.

Conservation phase

At the end of the active therapy phase, the patient’s oral health status must be preserved through appropriate maintenance support.

Each patient is instructed to maintain their results with periodic appointments for clinical and radiographic check-ups, professional hygiene and/or supportive therapy.